Global Markets

Across The Globe

CKRe has decades of experience sourcing insurance and reinsurance for clients across the globe. In tandem we have developed close relationships with insurers, reinsurers and brokerage partners in key locations around the world, in both developed and emerging markets. It is the knowledge and experience we have gained in the emerging markets that sets us apart.


Building Relationships

The CKRe pedigree is derived from helping to pioneer insurance and reinsurance across Africa, where our key people have been doing business for fifty years. We have built our reputation by maintaining a constant interest on the continent, developing an in-depth understanding of opportunities and challenges, and by respecting the business environments of the people we work with.

We have dealt with the practical issues of reinsuring strawberry crops in Ethiopia and sugar crops on Mauritius; we have developed new risk mitigation products for geothermal power developers in Kenya and worked with local insurers to help them understand those products; and we have reinsured multiple parastatal insurance requirements for governments across Africa.

As CKRe continues to grow we have adopted the same approach to new relationships with clients, insurance and reinsurance companies in other emerging markets, especially in the South East Asian and Latin American markets where we are now supporting the renewable energy and infrastructure sectors.


A Clearer View

The abundance of minerals and natural resources, along with demand for renewable energy investment and fast growing infrastructure targets means the emerging markets hold strong appeal for local and global investors. Rapid economic growth comes with constantly evolving risks to be managed and mitigated. At CKRe our experiences in the past help us to provide our clients with a practical view of the future. We have the breadth of skills in the renewable energy, natural resource and infrastructure sectors, allied to the depth of the existing relationships we’ve built reinsuring the emerging insurance markets. We can help our clients understand and succeed in fulfilling their own global potential.


A Unique Position

With proven skills on the continent of Africa, and with a growing team of industry specific advisors in the Far East, CKRe is uniquely positioned to work with clients seeking risk management, insurance or reinsurance services within the global emerging markets. We have the direct experience needed to deal with constantly evolving requirements, whether it be placing traditional insurance, developing new regional or sector specific types of insurance products, or placing multi-class reinsurance capacity back into the London and European markets.

The Right Path

Evaluating risks is our job. In developing markets perception sometimes needs to be weighed against the real experience of dealing with a country or counterparty risk. Reliable data and on the ground experience must be articulated effectively; to our clients and to the insurance and reinsurance capacity that works with CKRe to find a path through the challenges and opportunities in the region involved. We negotiate terms from the markets who can best assess these unique risk elements and price accordingly.


Global Markets

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